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Hear from Jen!

Ray & Jessica Higdon


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you tired of knowing you aren't living up to your potential? If you answer "yes" to either of these questions, joining Ray Higdon's 100K Inner Circle could provide you with the necessary tools and emotional firepower you've been searching for.


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Why Coaching?

Coaching is an investment in your business and in yourself, not an expense. Used by business owners and top executives for decades, coaching and mentoring have proven invaluable in helping companies increase revenues and avoid costly mistakes. With personalized training, strong leadership at your side, and consistent motivation from an experienced professional who has been trained by Ray himself, you have the opportunity to unlock the success you desire.

How Do I Qualify?

We are looking for highly motivated individuals seeking positive emotional & financial change in their lives and don't mind someone pushing them to achieve more success. They also hold them highly accountable to complete the daily and weekly tasks necessary to make success a reality. 

How Does It Work?

If accepted into the program, you will be assigned a specific coach who is responsible for your personalized training and mentoring. Your coach's first priority is to establish a customized training path that fits your needs/lifestyle and is based on your business experience, personal strengths and desired goals.


Personalized Attention
As a member of the 100K Inner Circle, you'll receive a 30-minute, personalized phone session with your coach on a bi-weekly basis for 12-months. During each session, your coach will analyze your progress from the previous conversation and ensure you know exactly WHAT you need to focus on during the upcoming weeks, HOW to do it and WHY it's important. You will also be allowed unlimited email support from your coach, who will always be there to help you whenever assistance is needed.

Rank Makers University Software w/ Exclusive Inner Circle Content
As a member of the 100K Inner Circle, you will have unlimited access to the Higdon Group's newly-launched, education platform. Regardless of where you are in life or business, Ray's team has focused their efforts on providing content specific to your needs. Collaborate with other users, take courses that address specific network marketing topics, and record your struggles and successes in a personalized journal. Whether you need a boost in confidence, or have a specific problem facing your business, Rank Makers University has your back!

Private Community
As you work on building your business, you have the unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of ALL 100K Inner Circle coaches as well as other 100K Circle coaching students. The Private Online Community is dedicated to our 100K Inner Circle family whereas members can receive feedback on current assignments, share ideas and enjoy a daily dose of encouragement. Harness the power of crow sourcing information as you collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Interactive Webinars (Facebook Lives)
Another huge perk of Ray's 100K Inner Circle is the opportunity you'll have to look over the shoulder of individuals who are working on the same things you are and witness how they are getting results. During our weekly webinars we do more than just teach. We provide case studies, demonstrations, and examples of people executing the strategies you are leaning in the coaching sessions. We not only allow participation, we encourage it!

Trial-and-error is the hardest way to start a business. We've found that the best results come from not leaving things up to chance. By removing the guesswork, you'll quickly learn that building a successful business involves a series of small, attainable steps. Our coaches have been in your shoes. They will use their full experience and knowledge to guide you step-by-step until you can repeat the process on your own.

Earn While You Learn
Whether you're an experienced network marketer who wants better results or a novice who's been wondering, "How can I become a top earner?"; our results-driven path can help you get where you want to go. With an experienced instructor to guide you while you focus on the strategies we teach, this path is much more than a static education. It's an experience in real-world, network marketing that allows you to earn while you learn.

The Proven Path
Our students require value, achievement and results. By following the path laid out by experienced instructors, you can focus your efforts on doing what matters and doing it rights. We'll ensure you stay on course and walk the path step-by-step. With unlimited access to online education, unmatched support and a personal instructor as your guide, you'll have every opportunity to succeed.

Maximum Flexibility
Life gets hectic. Sometimes managing a business along with personal and family life can be stressful. That is why we have created a student experience that will fit your life and meet your objectives. We respect your time and will always work around your schedule to  make sure the class time is convenient and effective for you. As long as you can get online and on the phone, we can start class and get a lot done! In addition to your scheduled appointments with your coach you'll have unlimited access to call and/or email our business team throughout the week for support.


With a coach as your guide, you can avoid costly distractions and focus on strategies that have proven to provide results. In many ways, your coach will begin to see your business as "their business" and will treat your opportunities for success with drive and enthusiasm. Here are just a few examples of what the 100K Inner Circle focuses on:

  • Overcoming fear and procrastination

  • How to contact, follow up with and "close" people into your business (recruiting)

  • How to generate leads both online and offline

  • Developing the Power Mind (possessing the right mindset to succeed)

  • Building a personal brand online by blogging and using social media effectively

  • Becoming an excellent communicator (eliminating the fear of talking with people)

  • How to implement attraction marketing into your business

  • Time management

  • Team building

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Before joining Inner Circle, we were working way too hard to build our team. We averaged a recruit every few months, all from local efforts. The launching process was repeated fresh every time when someone joined, and maintaining even a small team was taking hours out of our days. Since joining IC our team has almost doubled in size in the last year, and we have a leader on our team who's also using our onboarding system to bring new reps onto her team, more than 5x her team size in this last year as well.

Kim and Greg E.


I struggled with consistency and following a plan that works for a little over 2 years. When I found out we had a baby on the way, I knew something had to change. Since joining Inner Circle, I earned my first five-figure check in my career, increased my business by 40%, and have a plan in place to keep my success rolling, all with baby on the way!

Christa L.

Christa Lowe.jpg

I had a major fear of doing FB Lives and struggled with consistency a little over 5 years. After jumping in the 14-Day Challenge, and with the push from my Inner Circle coach, recruited my very first partner EVER via social media. For 5 years I struggled with no teammates, and now have more excitement than ever thanks to the Inner Circle. 

Tia S.

Tia Senner.jpg

I've done a lot of work on mindset. There have been good days & bad days, but I always push forward. I'm consistent. I do all the things I set out to do every day. Putting systems in place has been a game changer. I routinely hit the team leaderboard for individual sales, but that's where it stops. Well, in July I was top on the team in sponsoring and team sales. I hit all 3 top 10 leaderboards in the month and I owe a big part of that to changing my mindset & focusing on helping others! I encourage you to shout yourself out. You deserve it!!!

Dana C.


I truly felt like I could not build, I had lost rank twice over the past year and was really feeling like NWM may not be for me. I was not enrolling and felt stuck. Since joining IC I’ve added 16 business partners, 2 new customers, and regained my rank I had been working on for a little over 8 months!

Andrea D.


I joined Inner Circle to make more money, but got so much more than that. I increased my cashflow by 32% and I feel like my life is fulfilled because of the knowledge and skills I have learned. I've been able to attract so many positive things in my life that would not have happened without this mindset shift. 

Francine B.


Last year for the first time in my life, I earned six figures. In that past, that was not even on my radar! But the biggest change I have experienced since joining Inner Circle has not been in our finances it has been in our ability to dream again. I am so grateful to Ray and the Inner Circle coaches. 

Melissa S.

melissa s.jpg


Jessica T.

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